Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Trailers

Smuggler - Katsuhito Ishii (2011)

Directror Katsuhito Ishii has dabbled in remakes (My Darling of the Mountains), as well as ambient video work, but now it looks like he's back to what he does best... making zany comedies. "Smuggler" brings Shohei Manabe's manga about an actor who takes a job helping the yakuza dispose of, shall we say, unwanted human baggage of the deceased variety. Satoshi Tsumabuki leads the cast and "Smuggler" is set for release on October 22nd.

Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs - Yukio Noda (1974)

Agent Zero is a lethal and sexy secret operative. Originally a policewoman sent to jail for murdering a rapist she is now back on the streets and out to bring a gang of political kidnappers to justice... using her signature red handcuffs of course.


pacmanamcap said...

Zero Woman is one of the best movies ever. I got the german DVD when it was released well over five or six years ago.
Allways a pleasure to watch.

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