Thursday, June 30, 2011

Film-maker Kenji Murakami focuses on the end of life with photo series "Mourning"

by Chris MaGee

One of the most interesting film-makers in Japan's indie scene has got to be Kenji Murakami. The 41-year-old documentarian and cinematic explorer has not only introduced audiences to such underground heroes as film-makers Kenji Onishi and Fumiki Watanabe (in his films "Ms. Ougi" and "Interview with Fumiki Watanabe, The Great Filmmaker", but he has also shared his own personal obsessions with topics as diverse as 8mm film (Fujica Single Date) and artificial sex dolls (Love Doll! I Wanna Hold You).

This past week Midnight Eye's Facebook Fan Page posted this link to Murakami's personal blog, and an astonishing photo series simply titled "Mourning". The 34 photos in the series chronicle a Japanese funeral. It may not be a film, but these images capture one of the pivotal moments in anyone's life (or death) in the same intimate and focused way as in Murakami's documentaries and experimental works. Definitely something you should all check out.

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