Thursday, June 30, 2011

NYAFF Giveaway Contest WINNER!

Last week we gave our readers a chance to win a free double pass to see Eiji Uchida's "teenage nihilist’s pop-psychological mixtape" black comedy "The Last Days of the World" at this year's New York Asian Film Festival. All folks had to do was tell us how they would like to spend their last day in the world... and we had one person who is someone after our own hearts. That'd be Albert Yu who said his perfect last day would involve "renting out an auditorium and screening back-to-back Asian film classics! I'd want Johnnie To, Miike, Kitano, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li flicks, just to name a few...just having all of my favorites running so I get to enjoy them one last time." Amen, Brother... and enjoy your free double pass to see "The Last Days of the World".


Sq. Dave said...

New York Reel Asian Film Festival? What are you talking about?

Chris MaGee said...

Ugh... So many film festival! Thanks, Dave. We have Reel Asian Film Festival here in T.O.