Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jasper Sharp brings the best of Japan to Estonia for the East by Northeast Festival

by Chris MaGee

Jasper Sharp is one of the busiest writers and programmers in the world of Japanese film. That's a given, but this year he has been exceptionally busy, taking part in the 11th annual Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival in Frankfurt, bringing a programme of pink films to the New Horizons International Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland, co-programming the 3rd annual Shinsedai Cinema Festival (with yours truly) here in Toronto and prepping the 2nd annual Zipangu Fest in London. It makes me tired just reading the list, but Sharp isn't finished yet.

Between August 25th and August 28th Sharp will be in Tallin, Estonia to present the East by Northeast Festival. Sharp has brought together a programme that includes some amazing films including Gen Takahashi's "Confessions of a Dog", Yoshihiro Ito's "Vortex and Others" (above), Koji Shiraishi's "Shirome", Go Shibata's "NN-891102" and Neil Cantwell's and Tim Grabham's documentary "KanZeON: The Magical Potential of Sound"... plus much more! We appreciate that you all can't jet off to Estonia to catch this great festival, but at least head to the official website for the East by Northeast Festival here to turn green with envy... or call your travel agent to book a flight to Tallin!

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