Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Trailers

My Husband has got Depression - Kiyoshi Sasabe (2011)

Aoi Miyazaki and Masato Saki star in the big screen adaptation of Tenten Hosokawa's autobiographical manga "Tsure ga Utsu ni Narimashite". Miyazaki plays the role of Hosokawa who must help her husband battle back from a case of clinical depression. "My Husband has got Depression" is due out in Japanese theatres on October 8th.

Japan's Longest Day - Kihachi Okamoto (1968)

Toshiro Mifune heads an all-star cast in Kihachi Okamoto's 1968 historical drama "Japan's Longest Day". The film's 157-minute running time covers the fateful 24-hours of August 15th, 1945, the day that Emperor Hirohito made the decision to surrender to Allied Forces and end WW2.

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