Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Miwa Nishikawa casts Sadao Abe and Takako Matsu in her follow-up to "Dear Doctor"

by Chris MaGee

With the critical success abroad and the commercial success at home "Dear Doctor" vaulted writert/ director Miwa Nishikawa into global film fame in 2009. That film, based on a novel penned by Nishikawa, told the story of a man who cons an entire town into believing that he is a certified physician. Now word comes of Nishikawa's follow-up to "Dear Doctor" and once again she takes the world of con men and swindlers as the central premise.

“Yume Uru Futari” will star Sadao Abe (above right) and Takako Matsu (above left) as a couple whose small restaurant is destroyed by fire. In order to keep their dreams of running the establishment alive the two choose to get the money to restart the business by any means necessary. This involves the wife staking out vulnerable women and her husband to come in and romance them. Eventually he proposes marriage and then steals the woman's money. Apparently Nishikawa, who also brought us the 2006 film "Sway", has been researching and writing the screenplay for "Yume Uru Futari" for five years, even going so far as to speak with police detectives who investigate cases of marriage fraud.

Principal photography for "Yume Uru Futari" will begin in Japan next week and a theatrical release is scheduled for some time in the fall of 2012. Thanks to Tokyograph for details on this story, and to Cinema Today for the above promo photo of the stars of "Yume Uru Futari".

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