Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yoshihiro Nakamura reunites with actor Gaku Hamada for upcoming film "Potechi"

by Chris MaGee

One director who has gone from relative obscurity to worldwide fame in the past few years is Yoshihiro Nakamura. Nakamura (above right) got his start back in 1993 when his film "Summer Rain Kitchen" won the top prize at that year's Pia Film Festival. He'd go on to work as an assistant on films for the likes of Yoichi Sai and Juzo Itami, but for many years he was best known for writing and directing 2005's B-grade J-Horror film "The Booth". In recent years though Nakamura has gained the respect of both his film-making peers and global movie audiences with films like "Fish Story" and "Golden Slumber". Now comes news of the latest project for this filmmaker who combines artistic integrity with commercial success.

According to AsianMediaWiki Nakamura is about to begin shooting a new film that will reunite him with actor Gaku Hamada (above left), the star of Nakamura's 2007 film "The Foreign Duck, The Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker" and 2010's "Golden Slumber. Titled "Potechi" the film is again based on a novel by author Kotaro Isaka. The plot details are a little vague at the moment, but the story seems to be set in Sendai. Everyone involved wanted to do this as a way of supporting the reconstruction of the area after the devastation wrought by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. The plot will involve two people, both born on the same day -- a house burglar and a professional baseball player. Music for the film will be provided by singer-songwriter Kazuyoshi Saito.

Shooting for "Potechi" is set to begin by the end of this month with a theatrical release planned for spring of next year. Thanks to Cinema for the above photo.

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