Friday, October 10, 2008

Only an idiot would refuse advice from Susumu Terajima

by Chris MaGee

Why go looking fror advice from Dear Abbey when you could go for advice to Susumu Terajima? Has Dear Abbey been in over 100 films including "Sonatine", "Funky Forest", "The Blessing Bell" and "After Life"? Nope, and that's why if you're desperate for a bit of wise counsel I'd recommend heading to Japanese movie website (a great source of info recently).

I can sense your disbelief. Susumu Terajima, one of the hardest working actors in Japanese cinema... has an advice column??? It's true, plus he's had it running at since May of 2006, so this isn't breaking news, but I've mentioned this to quite a few people now so I thought I'd post something about it on the blog.

If you write and read Japanese and you think your husband might be cheating, or you feel guilty about your boyfriend buying you extravagant gifts or if you're having problems with your in-laws, all issues Terajima's dealt with in his weekly column, then why not send your concerns Aniki? His email address is

Now all we need is for Ren Osugi to start writing daily horoscopes...

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