Friday, February 19, 2010

Have Disney's double-disc Miyazaki releases? Now you have to replace them, suckers!

by Chris MaGee

I am a huge Hayao Miyazaki fan. Whenever I need comfort or to be just taken away I pop in one of my Miyazaki DVDs and BOOM! Problem solved! I'm so happy that the folks at Disney agreed to release Miyazaki's (and other Studio Ghibli films) in beautiful two-disc packages a few years back. The extras are really nice too. Too bad I might have to replace them...

On the heels of Disney's March 2nd North American release of Miyazaki's latest film "Ponyo" on DVD and Blu-ray the entertainment giant is taking a page from George Lucas' book and re-releasing three of their older Miyazaki films in brand-spanking new "special edition" DVD's. Okay... they aren't that special, they just have new extras. The big new extra on the DVD re-releases of "Castle in the Sky", "My Neighbor Totoro", and "Kiki's Delivery Service" (above) are the "Imaginative Interactive Experience's". I'm assuming this will be some kind of DVD-Rom thingie that will be... interactive. Besides that there's nowe much more to these re-releases that I can see. Hmmmm... Maybe I won't have to replace my old DVDs after all. And come to think of it, didn't Lucas take a page from Disney's book by endlessly re-releasing the same films with minor upgrades and tweaks?
To check out the full specs of the re-releases of "Castle in the Sky", "My Neighbor Totoro", and "Kiki's Delivery Service" check out Sci-Fi Japan's full report here.

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