Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Aibou (Partners)" actor to star in romantic fantasy "Kanashii Boyfriend"

by Chris MaGee

"Aibou (Partners): The Movie", the big screen adaptation of the successful TV Asahi cop drama, has been one of the box office phenomena in Japan this year, maintaining a spot in the top ten for two and a half months and netting record profits during its initial Golden Week release at the beginning of May.

Now it looks like one of its stars,Yasufumi Terawaki, will be following up "Aibou" with an entirely different type of film. Terawaki will be playing the lead in "Kanashii Boyfriend", an upcoming romantic fantasy from director Yoka Kusano. Terawaki's character, a single salaryman, finds himself magically transported back to his high school days in Kobe and the time of his first love after meeting a mysterious teenage girl (Saki Terashima).

"Kanashii Boyfriend" will get a limited theatrical release starting in November and then go nationwide in Japan in February. Visit the film's official site here, and thanks to Tokyograph for the story.

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