Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Edo-Tokyo Mueseum to display Osamu Tezuka artifacts at special exhibit

by Chris MaGee

After we posted Osamu Tezuka's 1984 animated short film "Jumping" last week Pow-Wow staff writer Matthew Hardstaff eloquently observed that Tezuka is "the god of the universe". Well, he was certainly the god of manga and anime haiving created some of its most iconic characters: Astroboy, Kimba the White Lion, Black Jack, Princess Sapphire, Dororo to name only a few.

Now according to a report posted at Anime News Network fans of Tezuka will be able not only see examples of his original artwork, but also get up close to some of his personal possessions at an exhibit honouring the 80th anniversary of the pioneering artist's birth opening at the Edo-Tokyo Museum on April 18th. What kind of personal possessions? Some of the biggies will be his work desk where he brought so many of his beloved characters to life and his medical license. Yes, that's right, Tezuka studied medicine and got his medical license from Osaka University, but decided that he should follow his first love and devote himself to manga and eventually anime... and the world is a much richer place for it.

Check out the website for the Edo-Tokyo Museum Osamu Tezuka exhibit which runs from April 18th to June 21st here.

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