Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"RoboGeisha" news and "Hajirai Machine Girl" images from Noboru Iguchi

by Chris MaGee

If you're a fan of Noboru Iguchi and his gore horror comedy "The Machine Girl" then you'll be interested in hearing this. The eagle eyes of Kevin Ouellette at Nippon Cinema spotted an open casting call for the lead role in his upcoming film "RoboGeisha". If you are 18-25 year's old and you are an "amateur actress" (that's right folks, he doesn't want pros) then make sure to get your headshots and resume into Iguchi by March 6th. You could get to see your name in lights... but not before getting bathed in a mix of red food colouring and corn syrup first. Follow the link above to get the English details from Nippon Cinema, or if you're more comfortable with the original Japanese then check out Iguchi's blog here.

Now, I searched around online for any kind of images connected with "RoboGeisha" to accompany this news item, but sadly they don't exist as of yet, but in my search I did come across something I hadn't seen before that you might be interested in. It's the poster for Iguchi's short semi-sequel to "The Machine Girl" titled "Hajirai Machine Girl" or in this case the English translation "Shyness Machine Girl" (above left). A poster for a short sequel? In English? Could this mean some kind of DVD release here in North America? Currently "Hajirai Machine Girl" was only being shot as an extra for the Japanese DVD release of "The Machine Girl", but seeing that New York-based distributor Media Blasters bank-rolled the first film I wouldn't be at all surprised that it'll pop up here at some point. And when it does make sure to be wearing (drum roll please) your official "Shyness Machince Girl" t-shirt! (above right) "OH NO!" Where can you get yours? Not sure yet, but I'll keep searching and let you know. Thanks to All Things Zombie for both these images though.

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Japan said...

Noriko is cute but I liked Minase Yashiro in the original better, but having said that, two guns are better than one LOL