Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The first glimpse of Aoi Miyazaki with Guitar in hand for her role in "Solanin"

by Chris MaGee

In early April we reported that Aoi Miyazaki would be starring in video director Takahiro Miki's live-action adaptation of Inio Asano's manga "Solanin". Miyazaki's character, Meiko, is a young office worker who must convince her freeter boyfriend Taneda (Kengo Kora), that if he wants to make it as a musician then he'll have to get off his ass and work for it. To set an example Meiko sings and plays guitar as well, so subsequently Miyazaki has been taking both voice and guitar lessons for a year in preparation for the role. Now we get our first glimpse of "Solanin" and Miyazaki with guitar in hand courtesy of Cinema Today. Sadly a thorough search online has yet to yield any video clips of the 24-year-old star showing off her newfound musical ability, but we'll keep searching for you.

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