Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now how about this for a battle: Doraemon vs. The Terminator!

by Chris MaGee

One of the most iconic manga and anime characters in Japanese pop culture history is Doraemon, the robotic cat created by artist Fujiko F. Fujio in 1969. Doraemon travels back in time from the 22nd-century to change the life of one boy, Nobita Nobi. Nobi struggles through school and subsequently the work force, so it's Doraemon's job to set him on the right track for a brighter future. Of course on the way the two hop, skip and jump through time visiting various periods throughout history... but I just wondered if a robot sent back in time to save a boy sounded familiar at all to you. You know, maybe it reminded you of another time travel franchise where a boy is helped by a futuristic cyborg, or at when the cyborg's not trying to kill the boy. If you said "The Terminator" then you'd be right, and now the world's most famous time traveling cat will come face to face with the world's most famous killing machine in a one-hour Doraemon special airing on Japanese television on Friday, June 26th. What better time for a little cross promotion with the recent opening of the fourth film in the "Terminator" franchise, "Terminator: Salvation" having just reintroduced the classic character to Japanese movie audiences.

Click here to visit who have posted three hilarious promo images featuring Doraemon going up against the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger T-100 Terminator.

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