Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anime distributor ADV Films closes its doors

by Chris MaGee

Following in the recent closures of such niche distributors as Tartan UK and USA, Arts Magic, BCI Eclipse, etc, etc. news comes today that one of North America's go to companies for anime on DVD has also gone out of business. A.D. Vision, parent company of ADV Films, distributors of such anime titles as "Bubblegum Crisis", "Dirty Pair: Project Eden", "Full Metal Panic", amongst others, has liquidated their holdings and ending their 16 years in business. Selected titles from ADV's catalogue are being divided up between unnamed subordinate companies, and which titles will still be available is unclear. You can read the full press release here.

Sadly this is yet another example of just how difficult keeping a niche distribution company like ADV alive, especially in an age when most anime is swapped, streamed and downloaded online. Thanks to the ever watchful eyes over at Anime News Network for this news. Check them out for a detailed breakdown as to how ADV is being carved up.

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