Thursday, March 26, 2009

Full trailer and gallery of stills for Tadanobu Asano's "Donju" pop up online

by Chris MaGee

We at the Pow-Wow have been excited about the Hideaki Hosono helmed/ Kankuro Kudo scripted comedy "Donju" since it was announced back in July. Based on Kudo's Kunio Kishida Drama Award-winning stage play of the same name it tells the story of the disappearance of a novelist named Dekogawa (played by Tadanobu Asano) who has just released a successful autobiographical novel about his youth and his childhood friends who are concerned that his book will reveal their long buried secrets. The friends attempts to silence Dekogawa are worthy of a Roadrunner cartoon.

There have already been a couple of teaser trailers for "Donju" (you can track them down here and here) but now the film's official site has been updated with the full theatrical trailer. If you thought those two teasers were zany then just wait until you get a look at what they've thrown into this film: animated flashbacks, even more cartoon violence and Asano's character doing some crazy martial arts stunts. If this film doesn't get programmed at some festival's Midnight programmes in the near future then there is no justice.

On top of the trailer the folks at Japanese movie site Cinema Today have further indulged our love of Tadanobu Asano with a bowl haircut by posting a gallery of eight brand new from "Donju". You can check them out here.

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