Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vampire killing galore in the teaser for Chris Nahon's live-action "Blood: The Last Vampire"

by Chris MaGee

Just last week we showed you the first official teaser image from French director Chris Nahon's live-action adaption of the 2000 Hiroyuki Kitakubo and Production I.G. short animated feature "Blood: The Last Vampire". I should know better by now that as soon as you start seeing these images pop up on films' of official sites that a trailer isn't far off. It's a lesson that Kevin Ouellette at Nippon Cinema learned a long time ago and once again he's got the first official teaser trailer for Nahon's "Blood: The Last Vampire" posted at his site.

I remember years ago really getting into Kitakubo's masterfully rendered depiction of an alternate post-war Japan in which Saya, a high school and vampire hunts other rogue vampires for a secret wing of the U.S military. I also remember not knowing that the film was only 48 minutes long and that I was left wanting more. As much as the idea of remakes make me nervous this one actually looks like it will actually sate that desire that I had all those years ago and deliver the thrills and chills that I felt cheated out of by the original.

So, head over to Nippon Cinema to check out high kicks, katana slicing and explosions with Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun as Saya in "Blood: The Last Vampire" due out in Japanese theatres May 29th. Thanks also to Cinema Today for the above promo still from the film.

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