Thursday, July 9, 2009

Anna Tsuchiya, R&B singer AI and rapper Micro present their "Blue Pacific Stories"

by Chris MaGee

Back in March it was announced that Japanese R&B singer AI was going to be making her directorial debut with a short film titled "My Next Step" about her experiences with choreographers and dancers for an upcoming omnibus film. Well, the omnibus film has been completed and it's got a title, and AI's contribution has had a title change.

The project, titled "Blue Pacific Stories", brings together three films by three musical celebrities. There's the aforementioned film by AI (above right) which is now titled "Take Action", Anna Tsuchiya (above middle) whose contribution, "Fishbone" about a fish who helps his friend break out from his aquarium, ( which we reported on last month) and rapper and former DefTech member Micro's (above left) surfing film "Chamomile Wings".

All three got together to announce the completion of the film(s) and to share a few clips with the assembled crowd. You can see those clips and a bit of the press conference by checking out YouTube here (they've got embedding disabled on this unfortunately), and you can check out the official site for the omnibus project here.

"Blue Pacific Stories" is set to open in select Japanese theatres on August 1st. Thanks to Cinema for pointing the way to this and the above image.

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