Friday, February 13, 2009

Yuichi Kimura's "Nisesatsu" gets a teaser trailer and website

by Chris MaGee

Things have been quiet on the "Nisesatsu (Counterfeit Money)" front for a good few months now. Back in June it was announced that actor, comedian, and celebrity chef Yuichi Kimura was going to make his directorial debut with a film based on the true-life story of a counterfeiting ring that operated in Yamanashi Prefecture just after WW2. Then in November Bitters End released a full cast photo to the media, but then nothing. Well, now not only have the folks at Bitters End launched an official website for "Nisesatsu", but they've also released a teaser trailer for the film which you can check out below. Granted there's not a lot revealed, but it's good to see that this project is still on track for its April 2009 Japanese theatrical release.

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